About The Designer

Renee Cascarina’s design and luxury product innovations were shaped by her personal experiences living and traveling between New York, Florence, and London. Her Collections emerged from inspiration, sparked by necessity: “Each piece has literally been a solution for simplifying my life.”

As a branding and design consultant, with a background in fine arts and graphic design, Cascarina sought to infuse seemingly opposing influences into her designs. Renée Cascarina Atelier, which debuted its first limited-edition collection in the Spring of 2010, incorporates the best elements from all the artist’s worlds – that of luxury, design and creativity. Her designs filled a niche in the luxury goods marketplace for modular, ultra-chic luxury accessories. “Once I tapped into the idea of conceptual solutions in the premium market, I found a thousand things I wanted to improve upon, rethink and invent. In the problem, lies the solution.”

Cascarina continued to find innovative solutions to meet the industries’ ever-expanding needs, extending her expertise from the luxury products market into designer services. After a decade working as top consultant to premium fashion brands, including Gwen Stefani, Valentino and Mary J. Blige, Cascarina has recently launched Renee Cascarina, Inc., a full-service, creative boutique, offering consultation and production services designed to launch fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands from ideation to marketplace.

Currently residing in New York, Cascarina continues to pursue innovative opportunities that break boundaries, streamline processes and deliver authentic and inspiring products and services to both her clients and the marketplace.